Lycamobile Bundles

The Lycamobile company provides 2G,3G and 4G offers and speed which is covered to the UK Lycamobile All in one Bundles. More, You can easily access to find information on networks covers by utilizing Lycamobile all in one bundle network calculator. You have to just only and only enter the postcode or the name of the town you are at in discovering the network cover that you are using

Company of Lycamobile also provide a free Sim with a bundle or pay as you go Service. Additionally, different range of bundles are proposed, This is through easy data bundles, international bundles, unlimited calls, and text bundles or munificent calls, text, and data bundles. The bundle expired within 30 days.

There different Lycamobile Bundles.

  • Lycamobile All in One 20 Bundle code UK.
  • Lycamobile All in one 10 Bundles code with 5GB Data.
  • Lycamobile All in one  15 bundles Code.
  • Lycamobile All in One 10 Bundles Code with 1GB Data.
  • Lycamobile World Plan X with 5GB Data.
  • Lycamobile All in One 15  Bundle Code with 3GB Data.
  • Lycamobile 20 Bundles Code with 5GB Data.

30 Day Billing

If you’re a regular mobile user, it might be better value to convert your Pay As You Go credit into a 30-day bundle. With a bundle, you’ll be buying your airtime in bulk. You’ll receive a certain allowance of minutes, texts and mobile internet to use at any time over the next 30 days.

On certain bundles, you’ll receive an inclusive allowance of 100 international minutes which can be used for calling selected countries that are listed on the Lycamobile website.

For customers who mainly call abroad and who are not concerned by UK allowances, Lycamobile also offers a number of international bundles and single county plans (e.g. for calling Jamaica, Nigeria, Pakistan, Uganda, Ghana or China).

Lycamobile Top Up

1- The services are prepaid services. You are required to TOP Up in advance so your account is in credit. As charges are incurred they will be deducted from the amount credited to your account. No bill or invoice or statement will be issued to you. You may check your credit balance from time-to-time by calling our customers service department.

2- You, pay for the service by topping-up your account using any of the Top-Up service available from Lycamobile. You may use the Top-Up Services at any time after registration or activation of your account. There are several ways that you may top-up your account.

Pricing & Bundles UK Rates

If you’re inside the UK and haven’t subscribed to a 30-day bundle, Lycamobile will charge you its standard Pay As You Go rates. These are currently 19p/minute for calling UK mobiles and 12p/minute for calling UK landlines. You’ll also pay 19p for every text message you send, and 12p for every megabyte of data you use.

Lycamobile is actually relatively expensive for usage inside the UK, compared to other Pay As You Go networks like O2 and Three which charge as little as 3p/minute, 2p/text and 1p/MB. For this reason, you’ll need to weigh up any potential savings on international calling versus the additional amount you might need to pay for usage in the UK.

One advantage of Lycamobile that’s worth briefly mentioning is you can make free calls and texts to other Lycamobile customers. You’ll get this whenever you top-up as part of their offer with your free calls and texts being valid for the rest of the calendar month. For this reason, you should top-up at the start of each calendar month if you want to maximize the benefit you can receive from the offer.

International Rates

The main selling point of Lycamobile’s service in the UK is they’ll allow you to call abroad from 1p/minute. This is in contrast to the major mobile networks which can sometimes charge you up to £1.50/minute.

Lebara Mobile VS Lycamobile

In general, Lebara Mobile, the main competitor of Lycamobile in the UK, tends to have slightly cheaper rates overall. Based on an analysis of the cost of calling 210 countries, Lebara Mobile was cheaper than Lycamobile 45% of the time. In 5% of cases, Lycamobile was cheaper and in the other 50%, the two networks were tied.

Amongst the 94 destinations where Lebara Mobile was cheaper (e.g. including China, Italy, Turkey, and the USA), the per-minute rates were on average one-third lower compared to Lycamobile.

Occasionally, special opt-in offers are available on both Lebara Mobile and Lycamobile for even cheaper rates compared to what is listed in the table above. You’ll normally need to opt-in to these offers (e.g. once per month) and additional requirements may also apply (e.g. you may be required to top-up a certain amount on a regular basis.

Lycamobile Codes

In the UK, Lycamobile is a specialist mobile network offering SIM cards designed for low-cost international calling. Using coverage from O2 as their network coverage provider, customers on Lycamobile can call other countries from 1p/minute.

In this article, we’ll review the Lycamobile service and compare it to the cost of international calling on other UK mobile networks. We’ll also look at bundle availability and how long you can expect your credit to last for. Finally, we’ll also look at the coverage on Lycamobile and how you can move your phone number to the network.

Bundle Codes

You can buy a 30-day bundle from your Lycamobile credit by texting the relevant shortcode as follows.

  • Talk & Text £5:  (Text 82551 to 3535 or dial *139*82551#)
  • UK Plan S £7.50: (Text 10744 to 3535 or dial *139*10744#)
  • UK Plan M £10: (Text 11044 to 3535 or dial *139*11044#)
  • UK Plan L £12: (Text 12044 to 3535 or dial *139*12044#)
  • UK Plan Super £15: (Text 1544 to 3535 or dial *139*1544#)
  • UK Plan Mega £20: (Text 2044 to 3535 or dial *139*2044#)
  • UK Plan Ultra £25: (Text 12644 to 3535 or dial *139*12644#)
  • Lyca Globe £10: (Text 1011 to 3535 or dial *139*1011#)
  • Great Eastern £10: (Text 1010 to 3535 or dial *139*1010#)
  • Unlimited £9.90: (Text 103000 to 3535 or dial *139*103000#)
  • All in One £15: (Text 542 to 3535 or dial *139*542#)

How to Switch You Number on Lycamobile

Lycamobile offers the new customers to switch their numbers on Lyca Mobile and get Exclusive offer. In this offer, you will get 20GB internet, Unlimited UK Minutes & Texts plus 100 international minutes.

Switch your number on Lycamobile and get an exciting offer, In this offer you can get 20 GB super-fast internet Unlimited UK Minutes and Texts with 1oo international minutes.

Unlimited International Talk Time

Stay connected to everyone that matters with unlimited international minutes, Plus UK Calls, Texts, and Data. Lycamobile is offering best discount on its plans,

National Plus

National Plus Plan only on £10.00. This plan contains 4GB Data, Unlimited UK Minutes, Unlimited UK Texts, 100 International Minutes, Unlimited Lyca to Lyca Calls, Unlimited Lyca to Lyca texts. National Plus plan includes EU Roaming too.


UK Plan super is available only £7.50. Before this offer, this plan was available in £15.00. It means now you can enjoy a 50% discount on UK Super Plan. This plan has 8GB Data, Unlimited UK Minutes, Unlimited UK Texts, 100 International Minutes, also include EU Roaming.


This plan is available in £10.00 before this plan was available on £20.00. Now you can enjoy 20 GB Data, Unlimited UK Minutes, Unlimited UK Texts, 100 International Minutes, along with EU Roaming.


UK Plan Ultra is available now only on £ 12.00 instead of old price £25.00. So this is the best opportunity to grab your best plan according to your use. UK Plan Ultra have different properties like 24GB Data, Unlimited UK Minutes, Unlimited UK Texts, 100 International Minutes.


Lycamobile offers 50% off on their two best selling packages. You will get UK Plan Super only on £7.50/30days in this plan you will get 8GB Data along with Unlimited UK Minutes & Texts along with 100 International Minutes.


This plan also has 50% off, you will get UK Plan Mega only on £10 per month. In this plan, you will get 20 GB fast internet (Data), along with Unlimited UK Minutes and Texts with 100 International Minutes.

UK Free Phone With Plans

Lycamobile introduces the best offer for their new customers, In this offer people, will get a free mobile phone if they will choose a selected plan for 2 or 4 months.


Nigeria Plan 20 offers you 1000 international minutes for calling. And you can use 250 minutes/ 30 days, You need to pay £80 for 4 months, Lycamobile gives you Free STK EVO Phone along with this Plan free.


In this Nigeria Plan 20, you will get 500 international minutes for 2 months. You will get free Samsung smartphone from Lycamobile when you subscribe to this plan. For this, you need to pay £40 for 2 months.


Bangladesh Plus M Plan provides you 5GB Data, Unlimited National Mins & Texts along with 1000 International Minutes. If you subscribe to this plan you will also get STK EVO Phone from Lycamobile. This plan will cost you £80 subscribe to this plan.


This plan gives you 5GB Data along with Unlimited National Mins & Texts and 1000 International Minutes. There is another good new only for the new customers they will get a free Samsung phone if they subscribe to this plan. Bangladesh Plus M for 2 Months will cost you £40.


UK Plan Mega offers you 20GB Data, Unlimited UK Minutes and Texts and 100 International Minutes. You need to pay £60 to get the subscription for this Plan. Moreover, Lycamobile also offers Free STK EVO Phone for their new customers.

How to do Lycamobile Quick Recharge

We give you a fast, easy and secure way to recharge your Lycamobile cell phone.  You can easily recharge your cell phone 24/7 from anywhere of the world. To recharge your cell phone you just need simply choose one of the many plans we have available.

How To Activate Your Lycamobile SIM

For this purpose, you need to dial 622 and enter your Zip code from your cell phone handset when prompted.


There is another by the Lycamobile, You can easily locate Lycamobile number by dialling *613# or 97#.

USA Balance Check Codes

  • Just Enter *611# or 94# and press send.
  • Your balance will be shown on your Lycamobile screen.
  • There is another way to check your balance in the USA.
  • Dial 611 or 95# and you can listen to your remaining balance.

UK Balance Check Code

  • Dial: +18453011611 and listen to your balance.

Online Recharge For UK

1: Enter *131*PIN# on the mobile phone you would like to recharge. (Pin that you enter you will get once you pay from your PayPal card or any other transaction method).

2: Followed by the send button.

Student Plan

Lycamobile also makes special arrangements for the students and introduce Student plan that contains Data, Minutes, Texts, and International minutes with a limited amount. 


This Lyca Student Pass plan contains 2GB Data with a high-speed network. There are other features includes in this student plan like 1000 UK Minutes and Unlimited UK Texts with 100 International Minutes. You can get all these features in the Student Pass Plan only in £10.00 for 1 month.


Lyca Data Lover Plan has 25GB Data with a high-speed network. Also, you can in this Plan  Unlimited UK Minutes and Unlimited UK Texts with 100 International Minutes. In Addition, this provides Unlimited Lyca to Lyca Minutes and Texts. You just need to pay £25.00 for 1 month if you are interested in this Student Plan.


This Data Sarver Plan comes with 6GB Data with a high-speed network, There are many other features in this plan like Unlimited UK Minutes and Unlimited UK Texts with 100 International Minutes. In Addition, this provides Unlimited Lyca to Lyca Minutes. You can get a subscription of Data Sarver Plan only on £15.00 for 1 month.


You can get the Value Sarver Plan within £12.00 for 1 month. This Plan comes with 3GB Data with a high-speed network. Also, this provides Unlimited UK Minutes and Unlimited UK Texts. In Addition, this provides Unlimited Lyca to Lyca Minutes.